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Current Progress

Cool Mic App IconCool Mic has been seeing some pretty good numbers since launch – we’ve had 6,325 installs. Our average Google Play rating is 4.12 stars (out of 5). We host nearly 100 livestreams a day on our public test servers alone, not to mention the likely many hundreds a day to other independently run Icecast servers around the world.

A new version of Cool Mic is about to hit the Play store and we’ve got a couple of great new features to tell you about:

  • Input Volume Control: Have you ever watched a Youtube concert video where the sound was completely distorted and barely listenable? This happens when the source is too “hot” (loud) and the microphone or input can’t handle it. With Cool Mic’s new input volume controls (along with the visual cue of the graphical VU meter that you helped build) every livestreamer can ensure the clearest, most crisp audio for listeners.
  • Auto-Reconnect: Sometimes you don’t have the best cell coverage. Sometimes you need to switch from Wi-Fi to cell data in the middle of a livestream. With auto-reconnect Cool Mic will detect whenever you drop connection to your listeners and automatically reconnect. This was by far one of the most requested features since launch.

In addition to this, we’ve revamped our codebase to give even better response, stability and room for future enhancements. For instance, we’ve separated the connection/streaming core (libshout) from the UI and made it a background service. This will give us the ability to easily add things like live editing of metadata during a stream.

Cool Mic is just the start of my overall vision – a solid, stable foundation in which to build new exciting ideas on top of. Our first offspring of Cool Mic is a musician centered livestreaming community called SubJam. We have already framed out exactly what SubJam is and how it will work – you’ll be hearing more about this later.

I want to thank you again for supporting Cool Mic. Without you we wouldn’t have been able to build what we needed to justify our existence in the livestreaming space. Cool Mic, our “proof-of-concept”, 100% open-source, freedom-loving audio livestreaming app, has already made waves around the world. We’re about to make some much bigger ones – so stand back, close your eyes and listen for the sounds!

Sincerely, Jordan