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Cool Mic App IconWe did it! After more testing, polishing and more testing, we’ve officially launched Cool Mic 1.0 in Google Play Store.

To all of you Kickstarter backers, you will find your name on our ‘Early Supporters’ page by opening Cool Mic, then going Menu -> Help -> Cool Mic Early Supporters. We sincerely thank you for your support.

We are already working on the next major update which includes the ability to listen to Cool Mic livestreams directly within the app.

Please download Cool Mic and share this exciting new app with your friends.

You can get involved by contacting us and following us on Twitter and Facebook.


The Cool Mic Team

Cool Mic App IconHi all,

Today is a big day. Cool Mic has officially been released in the Google Play store!

You can search for and install Cool Mic by opening up the Google Play app on your Android device and searching for “Cool Mic”. Or simply tap this link to install it directly.

Right now we’ve got it tagged as a public beta. This means it’ll show “Early Access” next to it. Brand new apps usually do this, and when enough feedback from early adopters around the world is obtained, it gets bumped up to “Production” where it doesn’t have big scary warnings next to it like, ‘This app may crash!’ or ‘This app may cause your cat to pee on the carpet!’ anymore.

We genuinely appreciate all of the support you have given us throughout this process. We’re far from done though; this is still just another milestone in our quest. We have a lot planned for Cool Mic and livestreaming in general, so as people get accustomed to the ability to broadcast themselves to the whole world from their smartphones and tablets, Cool Mic will be in the front lines making sure that the process is open, secure and rewarding. Thank you for giving us the resources we need to make this happen.

– Jordan