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We’re proud to announce a second beta (v1.0.6) that adds onto the functionality in the v1.0.5 beta. Fixes include:

  • “Livestream Stopped” toast no longer erroneously appears when quitting app if you are not currently livestreaming
  • Input gain slider now has a label/description
  • Input gain slider level now remembered between sessions

You can download v1.0.6 beta in Google Play (scroll to the bottom and select, “Become a Beta Tester”). It is also available for direct download.

We’re really excited for what Cool Mic has in store. If you’re interested in helping out with the project, please contact us. Thank you!

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A new beta version of Cool Mic has been released. New features include:

Input Volume Control: Have you ever watched a Youtube concert video where the sound was completely distorted and barely listenable? This happens when the source is too “hot” (loud) and the microphone or input can’t handle it. With Cool Mic’s new input volume controls (along with the visual cue of the graphical VU meter that you helped build) every livestreamer can ensure the clearest, most crisp audio for listeners.

Auto-Reconnect: Sometimes you don’t have the best cell coverage. Sometimes you need to switch from Wi-Fi to cell data in the middle of a livestream. With auto-reconnect Cool Mic will detect whenever you drop connection to your listeners and automatically reconnect. This was by far one of the most requested features since launch.

In addition to this, we’ve revamped our codebase to give even better response, stability and room for future enhancements. For instance, we’ve separated the connection/streaming core (libshout) from the UI and made it a background service. This will give us the ability to easily add things like live editing of metadata during a stream.

Cool Mic is just the start of my overall vision – a solid, stable foundation in which to build new exciting ideas on top of. Our first offspring of Cool Mic is a musician centered livestreaming community called SubJam. We have already framed out exactly what SubJam is and how it will work – you’ll be hearing more about this later.

I want to thank you again for supporting Cool Mic. Without you we wouldn’t have been able to build what we needed to justify our existence in the livestreaming space. Cool Mic, our “proof-of-concept”, 100% open-source, freedom-loving audio livestreaming app, has already made waves around the world. We’re about to make some much bigger ones – so stand back, close your eyes and listen for the sounds!

Sincerely, Jordan

Cool Mic App IconThe Icecast team has announced the new release of Icecast 2.5 beta2 ( This is a beta release and not recommended for production use. You can check it out at

A big Thank You to everyone involved in its continued development – Icecast is a rock solid media streaming platform and it has always been a pleasure working with people in its community. Cool Mic would not be possible without it.

Cool Mic App IconHi all,

Today is a big day. Cool Mic has officially been released in the Google Play store!

You can search for and install Cool Mic by opening up the Google Play app on your Android device and searching for “Cool Mic”. Or simply tap this link to install it directly.

Right now we’ve got it tagged as a public beta. This means it’ll show “Early Access” next to it. Brand new apps usually do this, and when enough feedback from early adopters around the world is obtained, it gets bumped up to “Production” where it doesn’t have big scary warnings next to it like, ‘This app may crash!’ or ‘This app may cause your cat to pee on the carpet!’ anymore.

We genuinely appreciate all of the support you have given us throughout this process. We’re far from done though; this is still just another milestone in our quest. We have a lot planned for Cool Mic and livestreaming in general, so as people get accustomed to the ability to broadcast themselves to the whole world from their smartphones and tablets, Cool Mic will be in the front lines making sure that the process is open, secure and rewarding. Thank you for giving us the resources we need to make this happen.

– Jordan

Final Beta Released

Cool Mic App IconHey everyone,

I am pleased to announce the “final beta” (v6) release of Cool Mic. This is an exciting release, namely adding official Opus audio streaming support.

New features include:

  • Full Opus audio streaming support, including passing metadata to Icecast and adjustable quality setting
  • Switch between open-source audio codecs: vorbis and opus (Opus is used by default)
  • Many bugfixes and stability, performance improvements


(Cool Mic is not yet available in Google Play – please follow directions on the link above for side-loading into your Android device)

I encourage everyone to please test this final beta and report any and all feedback you have, including anything from grammatical errors to app crashes. We’ve all been working hard to get this as absolutely polished as possible before unleashing it upon Google Play – we appreciate all of your support!

Cheers, Jordan

Cool Mic App IconHey all, just a quick update to let you know that while we’re all working hard to get the Android version of Cool Mic on Google Play, we’ve released an updated Beta version on CoolMic.Net.

This version contains the following enhancements:

* Graphical VU meter with update interval setting
* Active listener count
* Streamlined settings dialogue
* “Load CoolMic Test Server Data” to test Cool Mic on our Public Test Server
* “QR Code Scan” function for automated configuration by scanning a QR code with your mobile’s camera
* “Permission Check” to check Cool Mic permissions against Android

Bugs fixed:

* Metadata (Title + Artist) now being correctly passed to Icecast server
* Vorbis quality level setting now works correctly
* Various other bug fixes, stability improvements and look + feel changes

Download: (Cool Mic is not yet available in Google Play – please follow directions on the link above for side-loading into your Android device)

I encourage everyone with technical knowledge to please test this new version and report any and all feedback you have.

We’ll be posting more updates as we progress further. Thank you all very much for your support.


Jordan Erickson and the rest of the Cool Mic team

P.S. If you missed the Cool Mic livestream of concert pianist Jason Serfling, check it out here (Chrome or Firefox)!